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Marinated Eggplant

Will your children eat eggplant? Will you? Eggplant can become quite flavorful if marinated.

Work in the garden carries on towards a goal. Wish that I knew how that goal would evolve, but I am moving forward. I have been pruning, fertilizing, and transplanting. All in the hopes of being able to relax in the garden. I have been enjoying myself in that space, but maybe I need a bit more patience. The vegetables are coming along. The harvest looks quite good, if only I could stop my youngest from harvesting before the vegetables are ready. Baby eggplants appear to be on her agenda. I have never had a problem with the kids eating eggplants. Harvesting them just before cooking removes the bitterness problem. However, I know that eggplants are not always a favorite.
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Creating a Tea House for the Children

Why have a simple house for the children to play in? Let your imagination roam to create something special, like a tea house.

I found myself in a situation where I had to cut down large limbs from a few trees. I did not want to throw them away, but I was not sure what to do with them. We had inherited this plastic house for the children, which was placed in one garden corner. I did not care for it much, but my wife was attached to it for a reason unknown to me. One day, I spotted my older daughter in this house. She had become too big for it. I hatched my plan to create a new structure for her, and the lumber from the tree would be my frame. I did not have enough for a log cabin. I thought of creating something more in the realm of fantasy, so I hit upon the idea of a tea house.
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The Habenero Thief

The problem with children being involved in your garden is that they can become a little too preoccupied with harvesting.

I did not realize that my wife had caught this moment. I had been working on my project; the girls were outside playing; my wife was on the phone; and my son was inside studying. I then heard my wife call out to me: “do you know what your youngest has been doing?” I had been too focused on my job, which is never a good thing (I have come to realize). I ask, and I am told that my youngest has been harvesting peppers. The little girl knew that I would not be happy, so she was making her escape inside.
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How to Create Your Own Japanese Garden in the Backyard

Do you consider gardening styles when planning your garden? Most of us probably do not, but I think that adapting a style, like a Japanese garden, could add flair to your backyard.

I have slowly been working on a project that I am calling a tea house. I took down these too small plastic playhouses that had been set up for my daughters to create this new space. Why a tea house? I still remember the tea house in the gardens of Sans Soucci when I visited there as a child. The building was a fantasy set in the garden. I wanted to recapture that feeling. I am building this house with materials from the garden; I have only purchased pine fence planks for the walls. As I am near completion, I have been considering the plantings which will be near this house. Visiting the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park gave me the idea of creating a space that reflected that style.  In my case, I am not thinking of creating such a garden in the entire backyard, but I thought that such a space could be quite nice.
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How to Make a Simple Soda Bread

Yeast bread is common. I make it a good deal. Soda bread is quick to make, and can be great to have.

I have been baking a lot of yeast bread lately.  With work and family, I do not always have the ability to devote to making a yeast bread. The process is not hard, but I do have to pay attention to the steps, such as the rising.  Having a mixer with a dough hook allows me to skip the lengthy step of kneading the dough by hand. If I plan out the steps, I can have the bread made over night (using the cold rising method in a refrigerator). My work days begin around four in the morning. About six in the morning, I begin to work on lunches while waking others up. Last Friday, I realized that my wife and daughters had snacked on the last of the bread the night before, so I had to either bake bread, or find another school lunch. I decided upon soda bread, where I simplified the recipe.
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Autumn Vegetable Plantings And An October Harvest

Houston’s winter is not so harsh, so we do have time for new vegetable plantings, while harvesting from our summer crop.

The cold front has moved in, and everyone is expressing relief from the heat. The weather has inspired the casual gardeners to work in their yards. For me the best part has been to sit out on the porch with the family each evening. I read my books, while others play. The insects do not seem to be too bad. I have much of the tea house done. The girls should enjoy that space, but currently the tree house is seeing activity. Dinners have been filled with the harvest from the garden. I used a bit too much curry plant leaves in one dish, and I will not make that mistake again. (Curry plant has a curry like aroma, but the flavor is not the subtle blend of spices that you find in curry). The eggplant, peppers, and tomato plants have come alive again. I am waiting for the cucumbers that were planted in late summer. Then there are the beans. October is a fruitful month.
    I heard a report where a scientist predicted that our summers will commonly see temperatures in the triple digits in the coming years. The prediction goes on to indicate that our winters will be quite mild. The harsh heat and humidity at the end of summer causes many of my plants to go into a stand-by mode. They are growing, but not producing. However, our winters are not so bad for quite a few vegetables. I planted lettuce and collards in a new bed in the front yard. I have my cabbage in place, as well as my broccoli and brussel sprouts. I am hoping for a swiss chard planting soon. I am not sure what my older daughter planted, but I seem to be either finding cilantro or parsley growing in one bed. I have been thinking of growing mustard greens again, but I am not sure if the children will eat them.
    As I have been watering my garden, my neighbor’s tree has spread its limbs over my vegetables. What used to be a sunny space is now shade. I have been spurred on to create more garden beds in the front yard, which my wife is starting to have reservations over. Along the one side was great. Along the front sidewalk was fine. Yet connecting the front beds to the beds near the home along the other side may not fly. I have started to create such a bed by moving the gifted grape pant to this area. The grape was being overtaken by some beans, and I wanted it to have full sun.  There were not many options in existing beds, so I made my move. I am hoping to have the swiss chard go in a bed below  the support frame for the grape. It will take the grape vine time to fill in that space.
    I may have started a bit early, but I moved a crepe myrtle to a new bed. When we moved into our home, the left front bed was framed by several crepe myrtles. They looked nice, but they did not let my Italian cypress fill out. I decided that since I was already rearranging plants and crating new beds that I would move one tree that was in a position that I wanted clear. I dug out this twenty-five foot tree, and dragged it to a new spot along the easement on the other side of my yard. I am watering it every other day. My experience in the past with moving these myrtles has been that the leaves fall off sooner. The tree appears to go dormant or die, but then it comes back in the spring. It takes a year for it to be as active as it once was. I probably should have waited for the tree to go dormant, but if I do loose the tree, I do not mind. I have enough crepe myrtles, and I can always make a cutting to propagate a new specimen.
    I have not worked with many flowering plants for the autumn. I have only planted a few asters. The blue flowers are being picked by the girls to give as gifts to the neighbors. Note to self: I need a lot of flowering plants to keep up with their habit. I should be planting pansies soon. Those flowers make a nice addition to salads. Color more so than flavor.Well, I am going to spend more time in the yard. Just relaxing.


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