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Introducing Frank Schulte-Ladbeck, professional real estate inspector, TREC# 9073

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The author of the blogThe Backstory for this Blog

You can blame the creation of this blog on the housing crisis of 2007, so much else seems to be accusing that event for its woes. My woe was simple: my inspection business saw a slight downturn. Yes slight, I will not look upon that event as an entirely catastrophic event. Looking for ways to increase my income, I thought of how to leverage my growing knowledge of the internet to find a new revenue stream. While this search was going on, I was being contacted by others to produce material for their websites. Many of these sites were asking me to pay for the service, but they were now offering their services for free. Why would they do that, I pondered. Obviously they were making money from my writing somehow. Advertising was my conclusion. I decided that maybe I should benefit from my writing as they had.

This was not my only consideration though. I was not happy with the navigation on my static site, and I also wanted to have a way to pull my posts from different places into one spot. As things worked out, I discovered how to improve my static site while working on this blog, but still, the blog format appeals to me more than any other website. My first posts for this blog will be re-workings of my writings. I want to update them, as well as making them easier to find.

Hopefully, the format and the writings will prove helpful to the visitors of this site. I welcome comments, as long as they are not abusive or have some other unsavory element, so I hope to hear from you.

Examining Frank

Decided to keep reading? Here is a little of my background. As of this writing, I have been a professional real estate inspector for the past two years. In Texas, there are different types of home inspectors; the license requiring the most training is professional real estate inspector. Before going into this industry, I was working as a business consultant. I would create organizational systems for inventory management and administrative files. I assisted with HR for small firms and overseeing a remodeling of their facilities. I took on this path when I left a national film exhibitor, where I was a senior operations manager and corporate trainer. Basically, I am well rounded when it came to business environments.

I have actually worked many odd jobs in my life. I supported myself while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and minor in German from the University of Houston. I was the finger print man for a detective agency, a draftsman and designer for a plastic firm, parts puller for an oil filed service firm, a procurement manager for an export house, and so on. During the course of my studies, I probably gained enough hours in chemistry and physics classes to claim some type of minor in the sciences.

Why focus on home inspections? I enjoy the life that it provides to me. I can enjoy time with my family. I get to explore homes (always fascinating to me). I can find new little gadgets to install on my home. I, like most home inspectors, love living in my home. We like to find ways to make them more livable. Home inspections proved to be a path in my life that I could really have fun with. Considering how short life can be, should we not find a way to live the way that we want?

My Hopes for this Blog

Although I mentioned that I was going to look to generate some income from this site, I would not consider myself to be a professional blogger. Maybe semi-professional? I have never written a post to encourage advertising, and I will not start. I choose topics that interest me, and that I hope will help others who want to have a home and appreciate their lives in that house. I want to continue writing for other sites, but I want this location to be a home for my writings, so no one would have to hunt around for my work. Google my name, to find that I have been around the net.

I also want people to explore Houston. There are good and bad aspects to this city, so you may find me a bit critical at times. That being said, I think that there are a lot of fantastic finds in this city, I want the residents here to experience them. I can only try to encourage you to explore , so I might as well attempt to introduce you to my home. That is why I have added this gardening and cooking subdomain to expand on what can be provided.

Have fun!