And a Journey Begins…Again

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I actually have written about gardening in Houston on a few websites, but now I decided to take it up again on a dedicated site.

I love to garden. From the moment I saw sun flowers towering overhead in my grandmother’s garden in Chicago, I drifted towards the garden and gardening. When I have been asked to write about home inspections or real estate, I find my way back to writing about the garden. This site should be appropriate outlet for my desires. I felt that some of the posts that I plan to post here may have worked well on the main site; however, I wanted to focus my writing on the site, and my beloved plants found themselves out of my thoughts for posts.

    Part of the problem is that I wanted to include the process from growing to harvesting to table. I am a decent cook. I worked in food service for some time. Some of my insights from cooking and food service were apt for home inspections, but they do take the direction of that site away from my goal. I am glad that there are so many edible plants in my garden, and that I can go harvest them for a meal. I want people in Houston to realize that there are options to create an attractive garden with edible plants.
    I hope that the posts will not be too sporadic. Work and family took me away from my blogs. I feel like I am getting back into a groove again, so taking on a new site seemed reasonable. You will find that I am an organic gardener in theory. I began gardening as a child picking up habits from my German grandmother. The I started reading books from Rodale press in the seventies. I did not see my style as organic though. I thought of it as practical. I took every bit of information with a grain of salt, so I looked at inorganic techniques to evaluate them. I did use some. For that, you cannot call me die hard organic.
    Enjoy the journey; I know that I will.

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This site came out of my desire to write about my love of gardening, but also to connect it to my knowledge derived from home inspections. That is why I tied it to the home inspection site.If you have questions, you can email them to me (frank at For home inspections, call 713.781.6090.
Happy gardening, Frank


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