Baked Fruits for Desserts

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Do you offer ice cream as a dessert in your house? I think that my wife and son alone could go through a gallon container in two days. I am a baked goods fan myself, so I wanted to have a quick dessert that I could make to have ready after dinner, which was baked with fruits.

Do not get me wrong, store bought baked goods and ice cream will be eaten quickly in my home. I wish that were not the case. My grandmother made Saturday her baking day. She had so many baked treats that neighbors looked forward to coming over for a kaffeklatsch. She was so prolific that she ended up in the newspaper. German baked goods are easier to find. In fact the pan mexicana is quite similar to many treats that I knew growing up. I do not have the time to bake as extensively as my grandmother did, but I do want to move away from the bakery.
    Have you tried preparing dinner with three children on the prowl? After school snacks are sought. Dinner should be ready now.  Do you have any treats, Papa? Then the two little ones want to help, so I have to find a way to include them in the meal preparation. This has left little time for preparing a dessert. I do not mind a cut piece of fruit, yet the children want more excitement. Whether my family is going to be eating ice cream again, or something from home is down to me, so I needed to find the time. That is when I hit upon a simple cake (if you will).
    I slice whichever firm fruit is in season, so apples, peaches, nectarines would be my fruit of choice. I saute these slices with a little sugar and butter. I mix up a batter for pancakes (one egg, one cup of flour, and enough milk to moisten). I add cinnamon or vanilla to the fruit, then pour in the batter. This goes into an oven (350F for fifteen minutes). I flip this out onto a plate. If it is cool by the end of dinner, I sprinkle powdered sugar on this cake. Usually, everyone has begun to eat it when it is warm. I use a small cast iron skillet for this cake.
    This cake has been good, and with changing fruits and flavors, the cake has surprises. There are more baked goods which I could prepare. I was thinking about quick items to make. I loved baked apples when I was younger. You core the apple to rid it of seeds. In the place of the core you can add raisins, butter, sugar, and spices. The apple was covered with a basic dough (2cups of flour, 1 stick of  softened butter, 1 egg, and some cold water).  Since an entire apple may be big of a portion, I have sliced the apple and folded the dough over it like an empanada. Baking this at 350F for 15 to 20 minutes works well. I imagine with other fruits this can be an interesting change to the apple.
    On the quick baked goods side, I have also baked fruits by themselves. I like the taste. There is a comfort in eating warm fruit which has been lightly sugared. The family may want more, so I do make a crumble to top this mixture. Sugar, flour, and butter mixed to a sandy consistency, and then crumble this over the fruit to bake. Again, this bakes for the same amount of time as the others. What is nice for me, is that these fruits can bake while we are eating. We talk at the dinner table, so meals last for a bit. Then after the dishes have been cleared, we can have the dessert a bit later. I think that this is a nice way to eat.
    Maybe I should plan on baking cakes again. I used to be known for it. Like my grandmother, I would pick one day to make a treats for those around me. I think that it made me more popular at work. The task is not so hard; I have to decide upon the time.

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