Baked Okra for a Simple Dinner

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Do you like okra? Is it too slimy for you? Maybe you should consider baking okra for a quick to prepare dinner.

Everyone seems to want their home inspections on the weekends. On Sunday, I was already driving all over the area, when I had a call asking me to do one more inspection that day. I try to be helpful, but three inspections in one day with many hours of driving was not for me. Furthermore, the heat was a bit too much. Home inspectors have to work in environments that are inadvisable for health. Needless to say that I was worn out by the end of the day, yet I had to make dinner for the family . I wanted to do something simple, which often means a pasta dish for me. With so much okra available, I hit upon a baked dish that was easy to make.

    My wife loves okra. She says that it is her favorite vegetable. The children have been alright with okra dishes, but the slimy factor is not always to their taste. My solution for a dinner involving okra was to bake it. I sliced the okra into pieces a half inch thick. I diced an onion. These were placed in a cast iron skillet. A tablespoon of oil with salt and pepper was added. Then I dumped a package of ground turkey on top of the vegetables. This was partially frozen. The skillet went into a 350F oven for forty minutes. I also placed a casserole with rice and water in the oven at the same time.
    Baking the okra lessens the slime effect. Once the meat had browned, I sprinkled malt vinegar over the dish. I season the rice with salt and pepper and a pat of butter. The baked okra is stirred together. I top this off with garlic chives and diced tomato. The children liked the okra prepared this way, and I did not have to fuss in the kitchen. Preparation time was about ten minutes, so I did not have to much work after a long day. Besides, I can then spend the forty minutes reading with the kids. I have not tried roasting okra, but that may be something to cook. I could flavor them with lemon juice and sumac.
    Katya is crazy for asparagus, so I wonder if roasting okra would be a substitute. The flavor will not be the same, but it may pass the test. Okra is bountiful at this time, so I do need to find ways to make the family feel that they are getting something new on their plates.

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