Build Your Own Spinnable Compost Bin

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I have heard that compost bins which can be turned are said to produce compost faster.

I create layered compost piles behind bushes. I add layers of new material, then once a year harvest my compost for the beds. Recently I saw one of these plastic compost bins that is a round tube which can be spun around. The turning action is said to produce compost faster. I was thinking of buying it, but it was nearly $200, and I wondered if I really needed it. I would like to have some compost faster though.

During the half-time of the World Cup match between Germany and Spain, an idea for how I could build such a compost bin. I was able to put it together in about fifteen minutes. I have these old metal mattress frames sitting in my shed. I pulled off the wheels. I grabbed a metal tube that would fit over the foot which held the wheel. I took a round trash can that I had been using for storing a tarp to be my bin. I cut a hole in the base of the can and one in the lid. I siliconed the lid onto the can. I slipped the metal tube through the holes. The tube was slipped onto the two footers on the two metal frame side. I dug two holes for the frame sections to bury them. The last step was to buttress the frames with some bracing. In the middle of the can I cut a lid. This was cut on three sides, so I can lift it up to put in my compostable matter.  The trash can spins on the axis of the tube.

spinnable compost bincompost bin frame You may have the parts lying around your own home. I could have used an old broom handle for the axis. The trash can did not need to be round. I coud have used boards instead of the old bed frames. I wanted to clear the bed frames out of my shed, so maybe that is why the idea popped into my head. I also have a number of tubes, metal and pvc. To make everything look like the parts belong together, I am going to paint it. I think that may be the only issue. It does look slapped together, and it was. It works, so why go for something fancier? This was done yesterday, so I cannot say how fast I will be getting compost. I tossed in newspaper, vegetable skins, coffee grounds, pruned leaves, and some compost. I plan to do this every day. I can give it a spin each time I walk by the bin, so we will see what happens.

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