Decorating the Garden with Slabs of Color

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Have you ever wanted more color in your garden? Something bold that will draw the eye? Flowers or colorful bushes will do, but what about a canvas of solid color?

I know that loquats will be the first fruit in my garden, and the blooms on the plum tree were exciting, but the raspberry flowers cause me to be really excited. For me, they are the sign that a new season is coming. The end of winter has its blooms. The pansies, violas, and cyclamen are hanging onto their bursting flames of color, but spring is when we can sit back to see the real show.

    The birdhouse was in need of repairs, and my daughters were sad that the birds had no home. I have a simple home for the birds which usually consists of twigs being woven through twine around my wire base. This year I took bamboo cuttings, and Katya and I painted the house a bright red, sitting on top of an orange pole. Most of my garden decor fits the descriptions of temporary and folk art (I guess). I recycle objects from around the house, and paint them to fit into a scheme. This has worked out well enough, allowing for a bit of whimsy in the garden. Painting the shed wall with a playful mural for the children’s play area worked out well. However, a gardener’s eye turns to every corner of his garden with the intent of creating focal points where ever he may find them.
    Along my western fence, I can have good sunlight in the morning, but deep shade later in the day. I have a few plants that add bright colors to the shades of green. Nothing sustained though. I refer to this area as my “Tiergarten” (German for “animal garden” literally, but meaning “zoo”). I have a few animal statues in this area. I build something animal-like out of twigs every so often. There is a large urn standing in the middle of one patch. I replanted this container with some vibrant plants, but I felt that something was lacking.
    I have this old canvas which I use in the garden. This is a wood frame with upholstery fabric stretched over it. I have used it for wall art and as a table. A few years ago, I attached some interesting garden finds to it for my reading corner in the garden. This year I pulled out what was left in my can of red paint for this canvas. Once Sakura and I completed the paint job, I pounded two poles into the ground behind my urn, to attach my canvas to them. The plants in the urn now had a back drop.
    This bright color drew the eye to this forgotten part of the garden. I decided to go further. I painted a board with purple spray paint. I then painted some pieces of cement board yellow. These smaller pieces were nailed to the larger board, which fond a home between two nardinia bushes. This one is a bit harder to see than the canvas, but it makes a nice accent in a dark corner.
    I have to see where I may go with this project. Dark green plants would go better in front of the red. I might be creating more of these solid color slabs. I have not varnished them yet either. I need to play around more with the idea. Wolfgang is suggesting that I go more with a Jackson Pollock type effect, and he wants to work on a canvas like that for the garden. Maybe that could work.

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  • Alba Gaw says:

    I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually interesting to read. With all the garbage floating around on the internet, it is a great change of pace to read a blog like yours instead.

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