Experiencing the Green Planet Sanctuary in Houston

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Do you need to experience a peaceful garden? Maybe you should attend an event at the Green Planet Sanctuary.

Last weekend my wife and I attended a Green Mixer at the Green Planet Sanctuary. My wife may not be fully interested in a sustainable lifestyle, but she has been willing to allow my explorations, and I think that she has enjoyed the ride. I mentioned this gathering to her, because I thought that it was a good fit for her own interests: massage therapy/ healthy body combined with landscaping. (My wife works in physical therapy which has caused her to have the interest in massage therapy, and she wants to make over our home to meet some of her clippings from magazines detailing landscape ideas).  We both really enjoyed the space.

If you look at events or places for sustainability in Houston, you may think of something closer to the city center. West Houston does not immediately come to mind. One aspect of life in Houston is that we have several centers for activity of all sorts, and the concept of a sustainable lifestyle is not out of place here. I enjoyed strolling through the layout of the space around the main building. The space was designed for events in mind. You could walk around garden beds via the winding paths, instead of having an expanse of lawn. There were also seating areas around the building. My wife would love for me to recreate a barstool/ table set-up under a small gazebo. We both liked the front porch, which was covered in grape vines. I think my daughters would enjoy the whimsical little sculptures in the various beds. I was impressed by the kitchen garden by the front entrance. All in all, my wife came away with several ideas for our own home, so this was a good visit.

Inside the building, I noticed a flier for an event. I thought if any of you would like the chance to stroll around this sanctuary, they have an event coming soon that you can attend. On 4 June 2011 from 1 to 4 pm, you can go to Green Planet Sanctuary (13424-B Briar Forest 77077) for “Continuum Movement- Balance the Waters”. There is no fee to attend, but they are accepting donations. I had not heard of continuum movement, but it seems to be an ex cerise combined with lifestyle aspects. If you want more information on this topic, I suggest that you go to http://www.continuummovement.com for more information. To discover more about the Green Planet Sanctuary, you can go to http://www.greenplanetsanctuary.com . Maybe you will come away inspired with a few ideas of your own.

Patty Adamik from Green Planet Sanctuary sent me a note to help clarify continuum movement:

Continuum Movement is a practice that explores the connection of water to
all life and our inter-connectedness.  It combines breath, sound and gentle
movement that anyone can do. 

2 Responses to “Experiencing the Green Planet Sanctuary in Houston”

  • Frank – thank yo for the lovely ‘review’ and I’m so glad you and your wife enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration!

  • Frank Schulte-Ladbeck says:

    Cathy, you have a wonderful pace there, so I hope that more people can experience it. :)

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