Do You Use Fake Flowers in the Garden?

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When selling your home, you want to make it look nice, but is the trend of using fake flowers in our gardens a means of attracting home buyers?

The first time that I noticed fake flowers in a garden near my home I was a bit perplexed. Did the homeowner think that this was attractive? Were they having problems growing flowers? I find the yard filled with fake flowers two weeks later. Also, a house down the street had added fake flowers into a garden bed. Once I was aware of the idea, I spotted fake flowers in the front yards of more homes. On the other hand, I found more homes adding more live plants to bring in color to beautiful effect. My wife used silk and dried plants for a vase arrangement on our back porch. Her reasoning was that we would always have something to see on our porch. With the drought, is this what other homeowners are considering? What is the fascination with fake flowers?

    For me, using perennials that flower are a way to save money and water. Once these plants establish themselves, they use little water, and they can have quite pretty blooms. Moreover, I do not have to plant more annuals next year. I do use annuals to highlight garden beds. The problem in my opinion is that fake flowers look so unnatural in the garden. Something looks off.  Some fake plants can be quite realistic, but not in the homes that I have seen.
    Maybe this is a disturbing trend. I was taken aback when I saw this on a home for sale. Most home buyers are not looking for flowers. They are looking for a well maintained yards. In fact they may not like the flowers. A house down the street from mine had a fantastic rose garden in the front yard. The owners, retired teachers, had such a colorful garden. The young couple who bought the home ripped all of that out. Rose garden replaced by lawn. Well trimmed boxwood was their pride and joy. Now another young couple owns the home. They have been slowly replacing the boxwood with flowering bushes and annuals. I think these will be replaced by a bush if the home is sold again. Most buyers want simple (read maintenance free) yards.
   I hope that this trend does not grow. My water bill came, and there was an announcement of a rate hike. It would be a shame if more people thought a plastic lawn is the option to save on water. If they believe that this is truly beautiful, then they need more art in their lives. If you are selling your home, forget about adding color with these phonies. Neatly trim what you have. That will impress buyers more.

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