How to Make an Old Fence Look New

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A good fence can be expensive; even for a short section. However, you can make an older fence look better.

I have been replacing the fence sections in my backyard over the last year. Even with sharing the costs with the neighbors, this can be an expense. One small section of fence with a gate was standing fine, but it did not look too good, so we did not have it replaced to save money for other projects. To replace this section would also effect a neighbor’s gate, and he did not want to replace his gate. With some money set aside for improving the look of my fence, I wanted to find a way to make my old fence look new.cedar fence

I am a fan of painting. Paint can renew the look of a house in a cost effective way. Painting a fence may not be too far fetched. I admit that this is not a common idea, but if you consider the idea of painting, you may find that it is acceptable. We do stain fences after all, and there are perimeter fences we do paint. They are usually the smaller white picket fence, which are not seen often in Houston. My boards were not looking well, and I never seriously considered painting for this section.

This section of fence is in front of a strip of land that is on the other side of my driveway. We have a garden for the children, and my son has his basketball hoop there. We had some plants in front of that fence, but in the last few years, they have been dying. I am not sure as to the reason. This inspired my wife to have a dramatic large pot in front of the fence. She wanted her favorite bird of paradise in the pot.  She wanted this piece of land to tie in more with our house. That is when I hit upon my idea for making the fence be a focal point.

As I said, the structure is old, but everything is sound. We did have one other factor to consider: the height of the fence. Fence heights are increasing, and this fence was obviously lower than my other fences. I bought nice cedar fence boards to place over the existing boards. To change things up a bit, I decided upon having the boards placed horizontally instead of on the vertical like the current fence. I bought 1″x3″ strips (eight feet in length) as the backing structure of my new fence. The fence boards were longer than what I needed if they were horizontal, so I cut them to fit. I put everything together on the ground with my son. Then we lifted the wall onto the older fence to adjust the height. We then nailed this fence section onto the older fence. This set-up gives an air space for moisture to flow down. I made the horizontal covering over the gate in a similar fashion, but I built it directly onto the gate. One problem that happened with the gate construction: I bought the fencing from another supplier. This new fencing board was slightly smaller width, so I increased the spacing for the gate boards.

Not in the picture is my last step for the fence. I bought some1″x4″  framing boards. I am painting these to match the trim color of the house. These will be placed vertically on the ends of the main fence section to create a frame for the pot when it is set into pace. I still have not completed the boards on the gate either. Painting the trim boards to match my home’s trim ties the fence into my property. This has been part of the problem. This section of land could easily be seen as part of my neighbor’s yard.

fence gatefence spacer I am happy with this solution. The fence meets my goals: ties in with my property; dramatic setting; matching height; and a new look. The one thing I wish to stress is that the originally framing was in a good condition. Do not build a fence like my suggestion if the fence structure is having problems. My solution does not improve the structure; it is a cosmetic one.

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