How Many Fruit Trees Can You Put in the Front Yard

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I took a walk with my daughters through the neighborhood, and I noticed two homes that had around twenty fruit trees in their front yards. Is this practical?

I wonder if I am seeing a growing trend with more fruit trees in my neighbors yards. There have always been fruit trees in the area. I have three in my front yard, and five in the backyard. These trees are fairly well spaced away from each other; however, seeing two yards packed with fruit trees, I felt that I might be encountering a trend.

    I have noticed that more homeowners have added vegetable gardens, and I have spotted a fruit tree here and there being added to a home garden. I thought that some people are responding to the recession and higher food costs. I think that growing your own vegetables is great for the children, and it may involve homeowners with their gardens more, which is alright with me. I think that people who are new to vegetable gardens may not realize that it is a bit more work than what they may have expected. This leads to these beds being discarded., which I would rather not see. Getting back to these two yards decked out with trees, is this wise? I think not. Most of our front yards contain limited space, which means that the spacing of these trees is about five feet. When the trees mature,  the shade will cause the grass to recede, and the branches will intertwine allowing no air flow for health. The roots will cause problems for the foundation if the trees are too close to the house, and they will cause problems for piping or underground services.

   I like the idea of having fruit trees in our yards, but we should balance them with other aspects of the garden. If you are going to add fruit trees to your yard, check on the height and width of a mature tree to place it properly in the landscape. This should be done for any tree. To really get fruit production going, you will need to wait till the tree matures some. Fruit trees are for the future, while vegetables are for the present.

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