A Garden Table Made by Recycling

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Small garden tables can be useful. They can be planting stations, art stations, or used as additional space when cooking on the grill.

I would not exactly say that I horde, but I do have a tendency to see if I can reuse material in some other way. Much of my garden art involves recycled goods. I use beer bottles as a garden edging (old German technique). When my wife threw out our ironing board, I was convinced that I could use it in some other way. With the patio project behind us, I discovered a good deal of lumber left over. One use will be for the children’s tree house, but I wanted a coffee table for my garden reading area, which also happened to be next to the barbecue grill (and the future site for a rocket stove that I will be making next).

garden table
    My family is spending more time in our garden. We always have, but I have the feeling that we are enjoying this space more as the garden evolves into something special. I did not rush in to create the perfect space when we moved into the home. Gardens take five years to really come into their own, and mine had been neglected. I slowly carved out spaces for garden rooms. Probably, the garden will continue to change, but we have fairly nice spots now. One problem for me was having more counter space by the grill. This happens to be near the shed where I work and a playhouse for the girls. I have a reading chair in that area too. With the kid’s paint projects making a mess of the table where we eat, I thought that a garden table for them may be in order. I considered the ironing board perfect, because I could raise and lower it for different tasks.
    I painted the ironing board black. I nailed the boards through the holes in the baord to hold them in place. I painted the top with the lighter green from the home. A problem arose with the wieght of the boards. We were throwing the ironing board out because it was no longer stable, and my table began to fall over. I fixed the legs at a height that would work for the girls, but this height turned out to be suitable for setting down pots, pans, or trays. It is a little low for a potting table, but at this height the girls can work with me, so I do not mind stooping.
    The table is not fully stable yet. I took th picture before completiing the project. Everyone started using it the moment I had set it out, so I thought take a picture before all of the girl’s finger paints cover it. I am going to add extra legs from the ends to the ground. I find that most of my garden tables are abused by the weather and use. Metal ones seem to last longer. We will see how this one will hold up. I wanted to share this garden table with you, because my wife was not convinced that I would find a way to recycle this ironing board, so I am happily proving her wrong.

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