The Garlic is Coming

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The Garlic is Coming

Winter is a great time for garlic in Houston gardens

My daughter is connecting the idea that vegetables are plants, and my experiment from a few weeks back has proven to her that you can buy something at the grocery store to grow. One item that is doing well in my garden is the garlic. I planted the garlic heads just as they were to show her that all of them will grow shoots similar to the green onions that she knows. Being busy with work, and with uncooperative weather, has not allowed me to spend as much time in the garden as I would like, but I am glad that the plants are growing without me.

    I am also wanted to go into the details of my little educational foray at a party last week. My brother has a small vegetable garden where he broadcasts his seeds to grow. A party goer did not believe that a few plants were just vegetables stuck in the ground though. My brother pointed out that he also takes seeds from plants he encounters. I was amazed to see his Thai basil still going strong (he found the seeds by a restaurant). My basil dies off after the first hard freeze, but he is fortunate. I think that more peole should try planting what the buy or find to see that it is alive.
    With my garlic, I pulled the heads out of the ground to show my girls. I could smell the garlic as it rose from the dirt.What a wonderful smell that is. I showed them the thin, fibrous roots. I let them taste the leaves (I was not popular after that move)- that is one of the pleasures of growing garlic; being able to use the leaves in my cooking. I divided the heads and planted them in rows, so we will see how it goes. I have not done anything special to have them grow. Garlic needs the cold to produce bulbs next year. I watered once when we had no rain; however, we have had good rain levels, so I did not need to water more. The only fertilizer that I placed on was my regular application of some organic fertilizer mix. This usually happens every two weeks, but I only have done this once a month during the colder months.
    I do not grow cabbage, because of a lack of space. I do like using garlic with cabbage, so I thought that I would bring up that vegetable. A simple dish that I like to make is called “roadside cabbage”. This is served on roadside stops in China (so I am told- would love to find out if it is true). I begin by browning some thinly sliced pork and onions. I add a tablespoon of miso to this, then the garlic. Once the meat has cooked (about five minutes), I add shredded cabbage (a lot of cabbage- the meat is a flavoring). Once the cabbage has wilted, the meal is done. I do sprinkle on some lite soy sauce. I serve this over rice. I have varied this recipe with other meats. Bacon goes down well in this dish. I do use quite a bit of garlic, so the flavor will come through.
    I should buy a few heads of garlic to roast. I think garlic is one of those aromatics that can add such depth to a meal.

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