My New Greenhouse

If you are growing many plants from seeds, you may want to obtain a greenhouse. This will protect the plants, while making the seed starting process easier.

I am growing more of my plants from seed this year. This makes sense for gardeners on a budget who want many plants. You may have seen those plastic trays that have the clear plastic cover. I have used them, but these mini-greenhouses break down on me. They are not too expensive, but I did not like buying something that I knew would be thrown away after a few years. This past year I ad success with using mulch bags. I previously mentioned this technique, but I am currently having a problem. Well, there are two problems: my two year old; and squirrels. A greenhouse was in order.

    Larger shed-like greenhouses are great, as are sun rooms, but do you have that space? My backyard is becoming crowded. I thought of building a small green house that would look like a piece of furniture or a large terrarium. I had long, thin trunks from a crepe myrtle. I had a thick glass that I salvaged from an old aquarium. I could build a cabinet. Problem was that the glass was too thick for me to cut well. I thought of using sections of the mulch bags. All of this would have worked, but the cabinet would not have looked that great, so I could see my wife complaining (my wife does not mind my projects, but she wants them to look as if we purchased them- this cabinet with mulch bags would not have fit that description). I did look into finding glass or clear plastic. Purchasing them was an option. I thought of using an old pastry rack that I have. These are used by bakers. They have slots for the trays, and they are covered by a clear plastic jacket, which seals. They are a bit large though.  However, I decided against converting it.
   A pop-up greenhouse was the answer. I was in Southwest Fertilizer when I saw a mini-greenhouse for sale that suited my needs. I think that I purchased the last one. The frame is made from plastic tubes. There are racks for each shelf, and the structure is covered by a plastic jacket much like the pastry rack. The top had a design that was more stylized, so my wife should be happy. This will also deal with my problems. My two year old has been pulling seedlings out to check on them. The squirrels have rummaged through my seedlings too. I have had more luck with sowing directly into the ground.  Personally, I would have preferred a homemade unit, but I understand my wife’s desire: you want the yard to look good for entertaining. Most of my projects using recycled/upcycled materials fit that need, but sometimes this does not always  meet design requirements.

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