The Habenero Thief

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The problem with children being involved in your garden is that they can become a little too preoccupied with harvesting.

I did not realize that my wife had caught this moment. I had been working on my project; the girls were outside playing; my wife was on the phone; and my son was inside studying. I then heard my wife call out to me: “do you know what your youngest has been doing?” I had been too focused on my job, which is never a good thing (I have come to realize). I ask, and I am told that my youngest has been harvesting peppers. The little girl knew that I would not be happy, so she was making her escape inside.
habenero thief
    I should not say that I am not happy, but I was looking forward to harvesting these peppers when they were larger. My youngest, Sakura, has the tendency to harvest whenever she feels fit. Mainly, she has concentrated her efforts on the seeds of the New Zealand Spinach. There is a small berry with purple juice for this spinach, which both daughters enjoy as a snack. I use the juice more for coloring a sauce. Sakura has been collecting many leaves from the bunching onions. She likes feeding them to the dog (who can fathom the mind of a one year old). She has taken to harvesting leaves from the collard greens and lettuce too. I do not mind her involvement, but I am sure that her intervention is causing harm to the plants, so I try to get her to cut back. That is why she is scurrying into the house before I notice what she has done.

    One thing to note about habeneros: you have to wash your hands after harvesting. Sakura knows that these peppers are “pica” (Spanish for spicy), so she does not attempt to consume them. I do not have this problem with other chili peppers that I grow, but habeneros have an oily feel, which deposits the heat onto my fingers. I told my wife to wash Sakura’s hands quickly, before she rubbed her eyes. I wonder if Miss Sakura will go after my bell peppers next. 

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