How to Make and Install a Bamboo Fence

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A custom bamboo fence is not out of reach of a home owner, if you grow your own bamboo.

I have a little stand of bamboo in my yard. I harvest the bamboo stalks for garden projects, such as tomato cages, art projects, and bamboo fencing. A garden fence can add a focal point as well as privacy, and since bamboo is such a fast grower, the plant can provide an abundance of material. Currently, my daughter and I are working on rebuilding an old birdhouse, so we are using our bamboo for that project.

    I did buy a rolled bamboo fence as a privacy fence. I have an area under a tree where I sit to read. I also have my barbecue and a play area for the girls there. I wanted a slightly higher fence to create more privacy between my neighbor’s and my yards, but I also wanted something that would create a wonderful looking wall behind my reading nook. A rolled bamboo fence is a quick cheap solution for this area. I tack the roll to the existing fence. This style of fencing does not entirely block the view. You can double up the fence material for a better screen.
    You can make your own custom bamboo fence. I had bamboo on my mind when walking through the Japanese Garden. I did not know what I might do with all of my bamboo. The garden offered some examples of different types of fences that I realized that these are not hard to build. I took these photgraphs to demonstrate how you can construct your own fence. One idea that I take away from this garden is that you should vary the style of fences in your garden.

Basic Bamboo Fence

bamboo fence
This style of fence is the easiest to make. I use this for any vine plants, like peas or beans in my vegetable garden. You create a cross pattern, and tie the bamboo stalks at the intersections. First tie the stalks with wire. To enhance the look, you find a colored rope to go over this wire. I buy a white nylon rope, and then paint it to match my color scheme. White rope can be found at hardware stores, while the colored ropes would be at a hobby shop.

For a more Custom Bamaboo Fence

custom bamboo fence
In this fence, bamboo stalks are packed tightly between bamboo bars that hold them in place. I like this look, because if you grow bamboo at home, you will know that the stalks are not always straight, and you do not have uniform thickness. To accomplish this custom look, you build your frame first. You will have two posts with bars running along the back of the fence and on the front of the fence.  Place stalks into the gap between the bars. To pack them in, you should tie a bundle of stalks together.

Another Simple Bamboo Fence

bamboo garden fence
You can use normal wood for the frame (posts and cross bars). Take the bamboo stalks that you wish to use, and place them in the position where you want them on the frame. Drill a hole through the stalk where the bamboo crosses the frame, then nail the stalk to the frame. If you nail through the bamboo without drilling, you will split the stalk- not a good look.

For the Fence

I think wood is better in appearance; however, I have seen people use painted pvc tubes. These tubes work well with bamboo, since they reference the tube like shape of the plant. I place some pebbles at the base of the hole for drainage. I then fill the holes with decomposed grantie, which I tamp down. I use my four foot level to check that the posts are level. To match the height of the posts, I use a string with my level.

Did this inspire you? How would you elaborate on these fences?

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