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How Can I Remodel My Kitchen for Less Money

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Starting a kitchen remodel can be daunting, but the rewards could be great.

As a home inspector, I see many great and poor kitchens. As a person who loves to cook, I know that fantastic meals can come out of small kitchens. There are wonderful large kitchens, but I do not need the grand island, or the tons of storage space. My current space is a smaller square of a 1960′s design. I did purchase storage racks to place beside the refrigerator to keep certain items close at hand, yet the basic layout is fine for me. I have longed for a kitchen remodel, but my wife and I end up on other projects. My wife recently decided that new wood flooring was required in the bedrooms, which led to redecorating. I felt that if we are working on those rooms, then I wanted to update the electrical outlets and fixtures to current standards. We also have a new French door onto the patio. These projects pretty much zapped my budget for home improvements for right now. I tried to argue with my wife that a kitchen remodel adds value to the home, but we are not selling, so why focus on adding value there. However, I did feel that the look of the kitchen needed to be improved, so I created my plan for a remodel that would achieve my goals while being on a tight budget.
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