Mustard Greens for Breakfast, Daikon for Lunch

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Simple warm dishes for a cool day make for a nice change. Why not warm vegetables?

My wife has attended a few lectures on health at the hospital where she works. I think she focuses on the food discussions, even though she does not cook often at home. Yams are her new favorite. This is her superfood of choice. To me, any vegetable is a superfood, so I do not get the point on concentrating on a few vegetables. One problem that I have though is incorporating more vegetables into the diet, when it is so easy not to. Recently, my morning meal and often my lunch is a simple vegetable dish.

    I do not prepare mustard greens for the family on any kind of regular basis. Like jalepenos, you do not know what you are getting. Will they be strongly or mildly flavored? The cold snap in Houston has changed the flavor of many winter greens. The kohlrabi is sweeter, and the mustard is stronger. This has been great for me, but not the children. Since everyone is eating their own breakfast anyway, I decided to fry mustard with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Once the leaves wilted, I added a dash of soy sauce. The greens were placed in a bowl, and I sprinkled flax seeds over them. This would be a great side dish for a dinner, but this warm meal was good on a brisk morning.
    Later in the day, I took a daikon for my meal. I cubed it, boiling it in a miso broth (a little miso paste in water). I added wheat berries to this soup. I added a little freshly ground pepper to this dish. The wheat berries softened fairly quickly. This meal went down well with all. I realized that boiling greens in this miso broth could be a substitute for the frying. Flavor could be added with herbs.
    The broth does not have to be miso. I am thinking of making a mushroom broth, but I could use plain water. Boiled or fried greens make for a better meal to me than a salad, particularly in the colder months. Salads are great, and I could be only enjoying these meals, because they are a change from my normal pace. I like going out and harvesting a green leaf for a new meal each day. The combinations can be changing. As the seasons change, I could have cold soups during the warmer months.

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