Orange Rice

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Adding flavors to rice can change the meal. With oranges in season, why not experiment.

Rice became my main starch once I married. Growing up in a German household, I was used to potatoes. I was comfortable with a potato. I knew a variety of ways to prepare them. The easiest ways was just to add some chopped parsley and butter, or maybe some paprika. Rice was a blank slate to me. You had a fully flavored sauce that would seep into its edges, and then you could use the rice to mop up the remainder of the sauce. My perception of rice can from reading a book. Anne Rice mentioned adding garlic and butter to cooked rice, and I was liberated. I began to experiment.

    I found myself adding my spices and herbs to rice dishes. My favorite spice to add to a rice dish turned out to be tumeric. Tumeric gives that rich yellow color, but it provides a wonderful flavor to rice. I decide that I was free to explore, and the rice dishes could stand on their own. I think that I surprised some with my wanderings. We do have the tendency to only eat rice in its plain form. I would suggest that you see that a the blank slate to add a flavor. I do remember having milk rice as a dessert as a child, which did have cinnamon and nutmeg, so I guess that I should have recalled that when older.
    At the Farmer’s Market, I found a bounty of citrus fruit in season. My son has taken to the Meyer lemons. He is acting like I never have given him one previously. After purchasing many oranges, I began receiving quite a few oranges from other sources (gardening friends who knew that my orange tree is not mature enough for many fruits yet). Oranges are popular with the kids, but I felt that I needed to incorporate them into my dinners. Goose a la orange? A stir fry? There were possibilities. I had a pot of plain rice that I was going to combine with some herbs from the garden, when I hit upon using the oranges. I squeezed two of them. After tasting the juice, I added some sugar to sweeten it. I picked mint. I added these ingredients to the rice. It was a great combination. I think that I will make a marinade for a pork loin next.

    There are a few markets selling local produce, even with this cold. Leafy green vegetables abound (I am making quite a few salads), and there are others, but the citrus fruits are stealing the show right now. I go to the market on the Rice University parking lot next to Christ the King Lutheran church on Saturday mornings. If they have some, look for the goat’s milk cheese (not the season for it, but you may find some). 

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