Do You Plant in This Heat?

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The staff at my local nursery were happy to see me. The parking lot was nearly empty, and the plant choices were not as extensive. Who wants to garden in these hot temperatures?

I have started seeds in various beds, and I am obtaining mixed results. I only chose plants which should have done well, but the bunching onions have succumbed to the heat. Cucumbers and winter squash are growing, as are different bean varieties and broccoli. I am also transplanting, a bit. The plants are already under stress, so I do not really want to stress them more, yet plants which are overgrowing their bounds are my targets. So far so good. The problem that I face is restlessness. In my head, I know that it takes time for the garden to develop, but I see the potential for a spot, and I want to work on it know. This leads me to the garden center.

    My daughter, Katya, had her yearly check-up with shots included. She was not happy. I thought a plant for her “castle” may make her feel better.  The swing set has a upper level, where she has a window box. She is quite happy with her flowers. I wanted to see if there might be any parsley. No luck. This is not a popular time of year to plant; new plants do have a hard time establishing themselves. This is also a great time to buy plants at a discount. I found that there was a lot of purselane for sale. This helps me out. Sakura has been munching on my plants along with feeding them to the dog, so I needed this wonderful plant for my salads. Grasses were also available. I bought purple fountain grass en masse for one bed. I am thinking of other grasses too. You see that grasses will go dormant during the winter, so we will not enjoy them for too long. The good news is that they will come back next year.
    You may be surprised at the variety of plants available at a discount. There were great choices. Katya wants us to have more roses in the garden, and these wonderful flowers were there too. Our winters are not too harsh in Houston, and fall is not too far away. I think that many of these plants can make for splashes of color in the later part of the year. Even though we have had rain, it has not been always consistent, and this is where plants can fail. Yesterday afternoon, I saw that two of my potted plants were drooping from the heat. Looking around the yard, I discovered that most plants were doing alright. I was not sure if I would get any of the rain, so I only watered those pots. The rain did come. Other gardeners complained that they did not have any rain in the neighborhoods. I am glad that I have been taking the approach of only watering certain spots rather than watering all over.
    This may not be the time of year to be in the garden. It is the time of year where you may find deals on some plants, and saving money is my goal right now. I guess that I could have a boring garden with no variation in leaves and color, since that would save money on new plants, but then I would not enjoy being outside.

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