Having a Problem Keeping a Stretch of Yard Look Neat? Mulch It.

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The fall planting season will be fast upon us, so I am preparing my garden. One step is getting rid of future work by mulching a path.

My daughters love buying seeds, and I obliged by taking them on a quest. The quest has involved going to several stores. I have been buying a few older plants that are now on sale. I found that caring for these plants carefully, I can have it for the next year. I noticed that the nurseries had new vegetables in stock. Mainly tomato or pepper plants, which I already have. There are cabbages and various brassicas on hand. This reminded me that fall is not too far away. I have a tendency to let my garden evolve into a wonderful chaos, then I clear sections for the new plants. One job that is constant is the weeding. I do not mind this task too much, but I do want to decrease the amount of work needed. This is where mulching helps.
    I have a side yard dedicated to vegetables.  The path has been grass with paving stones. Different types of grasses invaded with other plants, and I had a harder time making this path look clean. I may enjoy the chaos in the bed, not on the path. The invaders on the path began to find their way into my garden beds. I do not mind working, but a pointless task becomes tiresome. With trouble  on this path, I thought about my options. Mulching over the area, and then placing the pavers even with the mulch will help keep the area clean and reduce my weeding.
   I decided upon a cedar mulch. The scent of the cedar deters insects from the garden. Have you ever put cedar pieces to keep moths out of your closets? Those moths are laying their eggs on my vegetables for their young to have food. On other garden paths, rocks were used as a mulch. This gives a crunching sound underfoot. The advantage to rocks is that they do not float away. I know that there is no float mulch, which do work, but these mulches do need to be renewed each year. Rocks do not have this problem.

   Considering Houston’s long growing season, I am trying out broccoli rapini. This should be planted in spring. My pepper plants are healthy, so I am waiting for a good harvest in October. The okra is producing more as well. I also planted tomatillos. Once established, these plants can be carefree. My dog mowed down my last tomatillo stand, so the new plants are out of his reach. I cannot wait for the bok choy.

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