Simple Seed Starting Kit

The children and I are planting seeds, a lot of seeds. I would love to have one of those mini-greenhouses, considering how many flats of seeds we have been starting, but sometimes you can make do with what you have.

My wife is not always happy when she sees me setting items aside to save. I have been saving the containers from plants that I purchased. They are not recyclable. My daughters have played with them, but I had another goal in mind. She really began to wonder why I was saving the bags for the mulch. I kept telling her that they would be useful. She thinks that I hoard items just for the sake of keeping them. Maybe I am trying to reuse to much; however, this time I had a plan that worked out well.

    My daughters are seed crazy. If I let them loose in Southwest Fertilizer, they will be purchasing far too many seeds. Yet as my vegetable production increases, I am finding that using seeds saves money. We decided to sow the seeds in flats, instead of broadcasting them in the garden beds. All of those saved containers were pulled out. I think that the girls had the most fun washing them. You want to wash the containers to prevent any cross contamination. We then filled them with a potting mix. We pulled out seeds for kale, broccoli, onions, rutabaga, parsnips, and parsley. We watered these, and then placed the flats into the mulch bags. These bags were clear plastic with printed material on one side. The printed side went on the bottom. These mulch bags did have holes, but this set up did work like the seed starter kits.
    After a few days, all of the seeds were sprouting. We placed these starter kits in a shady area under a tree. The girls went each day to check on their plants. We will be letting them grow a bot larger before we begin to thin them out. We will want them out of the bags before thinning. Why, my older daughter asks. Well, we want the seedlings to become stronger. We pick the best ones. Let them grow bigger in the container, before setting them into the garden. We should have a good growing season.

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