Spinach with Galanga

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With an abundance of spinach and galanga, you can can make a nice summer treat.

My New Zealand spinach is growing profusely, as is my ginger and galanga. July has not been the best harvesting month, so I was glad to have this vegetable in the garden. Insect attacks and rain have not been the best for my vegetable production. There has been okra, eggplant, and beans (along with a few micro-greens), but not in large numbers. I do not want to overload my family with spinach dishes, but this dish went down well, so I thought that I would share it.

    This is such a simple recipe for spinach. I harvest a large bag of spinach. Interestingly, New Zealand spinach does not seem to be a focus for garden pests which go after other leaf vegetables. Nor is it effected adversely by the heat and rain that we had recently. This caused the abundance. I cleaned the leaves in a salad spinner. I could have taken ginger, but I thought the galanga with its peppery taste would be good. I grated the galanga. I also harvested a few leaves of spinach (I have a few garlic bulbs in the freezer, but I thought that the fresh leaves were appropriate). These were chopped finely. I had a pot of boiling water on the stove. All of the ingredients were added. I cooked these for about five minutes. The spinach had wilted down to a richer dark green color. I placed these into a bowl with a splash of lite soy sauce, then covered the bowl. To the boiling water, I added rice.
    For the main part of this meal, I had a little shredded chicken left over. I cubed firm tofu to cook with the chicken. I braised these in a miso sauce for ten minutes. The miso sauce consisted of a table spoon of red miso, a cup of water, a splash of dark soy sauce (this is strong stuff, so little is needed), a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and a tablespoon of honey. I do not use salt, since the soy sauce and miso have salt, but I do add pepper or paprika to this sauce. I added about two teaspoons of paprika this time.

   When serving the spinach, I sprinkle white sesame seeds over them. I am not sure if this is exactly how this is prepared in Japanese restaurants. I think that they add sesame seed oil, which I do at times. I have been adding oil for flavoring to various dishes, but I have been trying to avoid adding oil if it is not neccessary for a dish, and I think that this spinach does not need the oil. I did add grated carrot to top the rice.  The grated carrot had a little red wine vinegar to imitate a pickled carrot flavor.
    The meal took about twenty minutes to prepare. Harvesting took about twenty minutes as well, but I was dawdling in the garden. Quick to cook meals are taking a priority for me, since the baby insists on being fed the moment that I enter into the kitchen. I have not used miso or soy sauce in my meals recently, so that may be a reason why the family was happy with the taste. The next night found more Middle Eastern inspired dishes, so that change went down well too.

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