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Do you like sitting in your garden? Colors create visually pleasing scenes, but planting for fragrance, scents , can enhance your experience.

I may not have been writing, but that is due to being busy around the home and garden. My daughters are wild about planting seeds right now, so the moment they see seeds for sale they have to have them. Besides the seeds, we have been watching the progression of fruits. The first few raspberries were ripe, and the girls descended upon them. My neighbor commented that this will be a haven for snakes. I think that snakes may not like that location though. The girls have figured out that they can pull the branches of the plum tree down, so they have gone after the green (unripe) plums. I am glad that their older brother has not been in their employ. Then I would have a problem.  My other neighbor commented that they have not seen me out front. Well, the backyard has been more fun for the children, so I have focused on that space. I do miss sitting on my front bench with the fragrance of the roses.
    Antique roses have such a wonderful fragrance which is not overpowering. Most hybrid roses have no scent. I think that is why I try to buy older rose varieties. The rose bush has put on a fantastic show this season. I think the secret has been deadheading the flowers. Heavy pruning seems agreeable to my bush. I use slight fertilizer on them. I do not care for overwhelming perfumes, and I think the scent of roses could be associated with that memory, but my roses produce no such fragrance. It is refreshing to walk by these bushes.
    I am waiting for the jasmine to bloom. I have these by the back porch, so this will make the backyard fill with fragrance soon. The little white jasmine flowers display nicely, but I do enjoy sitting on the porch with this scent. I think that I should begin planning more fragrances near sitting areas. I have marigolds in the vegetable garden. I like that they discourage some pests. That is something to watch. Caterpillars were feasting on my fennel, and I thought fennel discouraged these predators of my plants. Parsley is also supposed to deter insects from attacking other plants. I only notice the scents of these plants after a rain. The scents in the air after a rain make walking through the garden an experience.
    Most herbs have such strong scents, but they do not release these fragrances until crushed. I took the grey leaves of a curry plant and rubbed them in my hand for my older daughter. Katya thought this was great, so she is doing this with many of her finds in the vegetable garden. The herb curry plant is not what is used for curries, but this herb does have a flavor similar to some curries. I think this may be a great scent for a man’s cologne. (Oh yeah, I could start making some colognes or perfumes with these extra herbs). I do like letting my herbs spill over into the lawn. Cut grass is a good scent, but walking on the lawn with herbs is more fun. Having the scent of mint or thyme waft up under the pressure of my step is a pleasure.
    I will be on a search for more scented flowers for the garden. Color has been taken care of, and I think that I am overly packing the vegetables into available spots. (I have to convince the girls that we cannot keep buying seeds). I am going to avoid gardenias. I cannot take that fragrance.