Tomato Plants in January

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Being hopeful, I purchased toamto plants for the coming growing season.

I had time to really work in the garden yesterday. Using my hoe, I loosened the soil, weeded, and cleaned the beds. I plunged my hands into this rich mixture to harvest ginger. I began to pull the dead leaves away from my lemongrass. I was happy to find that new life was to be seen in shoots popping up. Lemongrass will grow well in Houston, but my plants have come under attack from the dog and family in the past. I wanted this on to survive. I began to work on other projects around the home, so I headed to the home improvement center for some supplies.
    With more frosts possible, I was not planning to do more planting, but I did find some asparagus (Mary Washington) upon entering the store. I had lost my plants, so I tought I would give this another try. Our climate is not the best for asparagus, and the plant takes time and a lot of care to establish, so many gardeners do not consider it appropriate for Houston. You cannot harvest asparagus the first year, and our summer weather can be hard on the plant. Having completed my shopping, I went out to the garden center to see what I could find. My daughters wanted more flowers, and there were some nice ones to choose. I passed by a rack with winter vegetables, when I noticed tomato plants. Because I was in a good mood by finding the lemongrass shoots, I purchased a few tomato plants. Maybe if I cover them, I can plant them outside, but I decided to have them grace my kitchen window for a few weeks. I did harvest some of my bamboo for tomato cages. Wire cages are great, but the bamboo is free, and much prettier to look at. I am already dreaming of spring.
    Back to the present, I harvested arugala. This peppery plant does not always sit well with the children. I love to use arugala in salads, and I snack on it in the garden. I thought that I could make a sauce, or use it in a roulade. I did not have the cabbage or meat for a roulade, so I went for a meat loaf. I do not make meat loafs on any kind of a regular basis. I was thinking of meat balls or a frikadelle (German hamburger). I mixed my ground beef with green onions, garlic, arugala, parsley, and mint (all from the garden). I added some day old bread, egg, and a few spices (cumin and paprika mainly). I threw this blob into a hot skillet, then placed this in an oven. I parboiled some potatoes to roast in the oven too. Throw in some lettuce from the garden, and I had a good meal.

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