Should I Be Watering Even if My Plants Do Not Need Water?

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The water restrictions have imposed a schedule on us that may not be accomplishing our goal of water conservation.

Did you water on your scheduled day? Did you possibly over water? I ask, because I feel that there are people who may not be paying attention to their gardens. Sure, I saw lawns that have not been watered. I am seeing bushes and trees perishing. I find yards with no annuals producing flowers. I can understand making planting choices. Why plant if there is no water to help establish the plants. I think most homeowners have focused on keeping their plants alive, so they water just enough. I cannot understand the homeowners who have allowed so much in their gardens to be lost. A walk through the neighborhood brought an opposite issue to my attention: over watering.

    I have been keeping to the watering schedule. I am not watering as much as I did when our temperatures were in the 100s. When the heat  was unbearable, my azaleas drooped. I knew they needed heavy watering. This bush was my canary in the mine. If they were looking alright, I knew that I had watered enough. The high today will be in the higher 80s, and my azaleas are not drooping. Some mornings bring a dew under my feet. The roses are flowering, and all seems right in the garden.  When I was combating the incredible heat, I was worried. Now I can relax. More water usage has gone down.
     I walked through my neighborhood, heading to the local hardware store to buy a part for a plumbing repair. I saw people who had lawns that were doing well, but they were watering heavily. I was wondering if they are a bit in a panic mode. We have a restriction, so we fear that if you are not watering like we did when the plants were dieing that we may lose them. The restrictions were put in place to conserve water. The drought will go on into next year. A report stated that we will be dealing with drought like conditions for the next ten years. Some have predicted that Texas will be a desert by 2050 if we keep doing what we are doing right now. To me, we will deal with our water issues, but I feel that we need to establish better building methods that save water.  We need to use systems in our home that will reduce our need for water as we focus on reducing our energy needs.
    If you live in an area under water restrictions, you may want to start looking into reducing your water use. Water prices will rise. Finding the water for our use will become harder, but there are ways to deliver more water, and we are already discussing those in Texas, but our local leaders may want to move away from restrictions to a better understanding of conservation.

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